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27 Apr
The future of the tableware starts No.W! Editing 2

Editing 2

The challenge has been raised for us all to join forces in creating sustainable economies, for the good of the planet.

Revol is going above and beyond in order to help conserve our planet’s resources, recycling and taking advantage of our industrial waste water to dramatically reduce the use of water and primary minerals in our porcelain production.

Our aim – to be the first to offer the hotel and restaurant industries eco-friendly made from ceramic clay and recycled enamels - is now reality. 

We’re delighted to share with you this unique invention. 

For Revol, in partnership with you, our customers, sustainable development is already here.

Experience our fantastic Recyclay and No.W inventions on the Revol Porcelain.

Recyclay is the result of a revolutionary,new way of treating our industrial waste water. This new technology allows us to purify the water in order to return it to
its natural state and recover the mineral matter from our clays and enamels. From this we can create a new ceramic clay with the same technical properties as other Revol ceramics.

By applying for a patent, the brand is reaffirming its status as a pioneer in the world of innovative ceramics.

Now or never? Join Revol with its new No.W ecocollection and be a part of the formidable collective impetus for change that is intensifying around the world.

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