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Hand Blender

  • Product Details

    Power  250 watts
    Voltage  230 V, 50 Hz
    Two speed  15,000 & 20,000 rpm
    Tube Length 190 mm
    Dimension  38 cm - 20cm shaft
    Process quantity  20 litre
    Continuous use  8 min

    • The hand blender from Kisag is efficient and robust. Highly versatile: thanks to
      its extremely strong stirring performance and multifunctional all-purpose blade
      It can be used for mixing, pureeing or whipping cream, mayonnaise, for grinding and chopping
      of nuts etc.
    • The device fits easily into your hand and offers great hygiene advantages:
      • Stem, foot and blade made of stainless steel.
      • Fixed mounted stem and foot as unit, without gaps: absolutely hygienic.
      • Construction and special seals prevent absorption: no residues left in blending shaft. The
        food is never contaminated.
  • ITEM NO : 8021600