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SPHERE- PRESTIGE, Copper Crescendo, 30.3 CM H. 5 CM - 30 CL

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    The sphere plate from the Solid range is ideal for gastronomic presentations. It can be used all through the meal, from the starter to the dessert: asparagus, crayfish, risotto, tiered cakes, sorbets and ice creams, consommés and ravioli... all the most colourful dishes will be enhanced by this plate.

    Crescendo: bronze or silver, choose your chord. Here, the material has been worked on with intensity and depth for an explosive taste sensation. Increase your scale slowly with this sophisticated presentation, and end with a grand finale where senses and flavours come together perfectly.



    Made in France
    Material Porcelain
    Capacity (oz) 10,5
    Sold by 4
    Dimensions H. 2 x Ø 12 inch


    • Gold Tempo 1
    • Gold Tempo 2
    • Golden Vibrato 1
    • Golden Vibrato 2
    • Copper Crescendo
    • Silver Crescendo


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  • ITEM NO : 651570